Welcome to Piano Literature Review!

(To find my reviews/recommendations use the navigation bar on your left, click on the ‘Books’ tab which is separate from the other titles. This is so that reviews can be found easily and the contents pages can be viewed separately.)

This site was created as a resource for piano students, teachers and anyone interested in practising in general. Our craft requires us to dedicate plenty of time to practice and memorisation yet practise is often very vaguely defined. As a result, in a bid to find out more one has to dedicate time to finding out the various resources

I intend with this website to direct you, the reader, to various books, websites and youtube channels that I’ve been able to access that may be of some help for pedagogical or self-improvement purposes.

Books: This section contains my personal reaction to the utility of the books. However, anticipating the fact that my own opinions may not coincide with those of others’, I have included the contents pages of each book as a way for people to judge whether the book will be worth their time; the contents pages should help facilitate the readers’ decision to pick up and read the books displayed on this website.

Youtube and other websites: This contains a list of youtube channels and websites with a short paragraph of my impressions viewing their content. Some sites, channels and videos may contain overlap due to the research avenue of practising is becoming more and more popular.

I highly recommend that teachers that are just starting out to check out the websites as those tend to have content that is aimed not just at professional level or college level but from Intermediate-onwards.


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